At Jim’s Skip Bins, we are fully committed to the health and vitality of the communities in which we operate

Responsible waste disposal is a big part of our business and an ongoing concern for us, as we continually strive to improve our waste disposal processes, and reduce our impact on the environment.

We dispose of all waste we collect responsibly, and with the best environmental interests at heart. Through carefully policing the items which can be disposed of in each of our bins, we are proud to report that at least 90% of the waste we collect in our Skip Bins can effectively be recycled.

Recyclable materials such as scrap metal, reusable items, redeemable cans and bottles, glass, batteries, bricks and plastic and organic and compostable materials are generally recycled rather thantaken to landfill.

We take pride in effectively managing and disposing of commercial waste in particular, carefullyevaluating and sort recyclable items, compacting, composting and on-selling where possible in order to keep our community’s landfill as environmentally clean as can be.

This significantly reduces our impact, as a business, on landfill.

As longstanding members of the Waste Management Association of Australia, we stay in touch with the latest innovations within the industry. Our plan for the future is to launch a series of our own Waste Transfer and Recycling Centres, to furtherreduce our impact of landfill and on the environment and more effectively sorting and recycling waste.




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