How do I book a Skip Bin?

The best way to book is to lodge an enquiry online, or to be in touch with your local Jim’s Skip Bins professional on 131 546 to arrange your quote.

What size Skip bins are available?

Our Skips range in size and capacity, from 2 cubic metre “mini skips” through to 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 12 cubic metre Skips. As a guide, a 2 cubic metre “mini skip” will hold 35 – 40 black garbage bags full of waste.

How long can I have my Skip bin for?

Unlike many other Skip Bin hire companies, we don’t have set “hire plans” for our Skip hire. This means you can have your skip for as little as one day, to 3-4 days (most common), a week, month or on a permanent or semi-permanent basis. Basically, you can have your Skip as long as you need it!

How much will my Skip Bin hire cost?

The cost will depend on what you want to dispose of, and is calculatedbasedon weight, capacity and contents of your rubbish, as well as your hire period. It is often cheaper to hire two small bins instead of one larger one, to separate your rubbish into types. This means we can recycle things a lot easier, bringing the costs right down!

What can, and can’t go in my Skip Bin?

See our Skip bin services page for more information about what can and can’t go in your bin. Builders and Renovators bins can be used to dispose of the widest range of items, however the cost is greater. No Food waste, asbestos, hazardous waste (chemicals etc), insulation material of any kind, liquids (paints, oils etc), gas bottles or empty chemical containers can go in any bin regardless of the waste bin type. Metal, steel or car batteries can go in to the appropriate bin but must be placed on top. Mattresses or tyres should go beside the bin and will be removed and disposed of separately for a small fee.

How much notice do you need?

You can pre-book your Bin in advance for the day you’ll need it, or you can call up on the day and we can in most cases deliver your bin right away! For Skip removal, let us know when you would like your skip removed on the day of booking.

What if I fill up my Skip Bin, but I still have more rubbish to get rid of?

If you find that you need more capacity, give us a call. We’ll arrange to remove your full Skip and replace it with an empty one if you need it!

What if I’m running ahead of schedule and I need my Skip removed earlier?

Unlike most Skip Bin hire companies, we can be 100% flexible. If you’re running ahead of schedule and you need your Skip removed sooner, we can accommodate you – just give us a call. Similarly, if you need more time we can also extend your hire period – just be in touch.

I have some mattresses and tyres to get rid of, can these go in the bin?

Yes – if you have arranged for a General Waste bin only. These can be loaded into the Skip, somewhere near the top and will be disposed of for a small fee. No mattresses or tyres can go into any other bin (ie Green waste or Builders/Renovators bins).

My Skip Bin seems really full – is this okay?

If we arrive to remove your Bin but find that it is over filled (filled above the rim) we may decline to remove it. In this case, the bin will need to be re-packed until it is safe to remove. As a tip, lighter items (such as clippings, foam or carpets) should be placed towards the bottom, so that heavier items will compact these from above. Hollow items such as washing machines, filing cabinets or tall-boys can be filled with more waste, to maximise your Skip’s capacity.

Do you provide permanent Skip Bins?

Yes. This is most common for commercial clients, builders or renovators. Speak to our friendly team about terms, and rates.

I’m a builder – is one big skip cheaper than two smaller skips?

It depends on what you are intending to dispose of – but in most cases, yes. Two smaller bins will be cheaper in the case where you have a variety of items to dispose of – keeping waste separated in this way helps us recycle and greatly reduces costs and fees for you.

Where will my rubbish go? Will it be recycled?

Rubbish will be transported to the nearest Waste Transfer Station where it will be sorted. Recyclable items such as glass, metal or some plastics will be separated out and be recycled. In most cases, up to 90% of all waste which is removed through Jim’s Skip Bins is recycled in this way.


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