Skip Bins Services

Jim’s Skip Bins offers 7-day Skip bin delivery and removal services, with same-day or immediate delivery Skip Bins available in most cases. We cover an extensive area around every major city and regional centre throughout Australia, and dispose of all waste responsibly and with care.

Our quality, well-maintained Skip bins are available in sizes ranging from 2 cubic metre “mini skips” through to 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 12 cubic metre skips, and can be arranged in duplicate or in sets for flexibility and increased capacity.

Whether you’re having a clean-up around the house, moving house or office, doing some renovations or some landscaping, or you are a commercial client needing a well-priced reliable waste removal service, we have the right binfor you!

Skip Bin Booking FAQ

With so many options available to you, how do you find out which bin is best, how long you need it for and what sort of capacity you’re looking at? Here are a few key questions you will need to consider, to help you get the most value from your Jim’s skip bin:

What do I need to dispose of?

What are you planning to dispose of? The kind of Skip you will need will depend on what kind of waste you’re disposing of, and how much of it there is. Think about what’s going in the bin. Is it mostly general household waste? Mostly renovation refuse? Sometimes, it may be better to hire two small bins (for example, one for general waste and one for renovation waste) for the best price, to avoid unwanted extra fees, and to cover everything you intend to dispose of.

Skip Bin Type Waste which can go in the bin Waste which can’t go in the bin
Builders & Renovations Waste Skip Renovations waste such as:

–          Bricks

–          Concrete

–          Timber

–          Tiles

–          Plaster

–          General household waste

General Waste Skip General household waste such as:

–          Whitegoods

–          Clothing

–          Toys

–          Furniture

–          Carpet etc

–          Bricks

–          Concrete

–          Soil

–          Renovation waste

Green Waste Organic waste such as

–          Grass clippings

–          Woodchips and bark

–          Timber

–          Fence palings etc

–          Tree stumps

–          Anything other than green waste

Bricks and Concrete –          Bricks and concrete Strictly bricks and concrete only
Dirt –          Dirt, soil and sand Strictly dirt, soil and sand only

Capacity – size matters!

Once you have identified which bin type is best for you, next consider how much rubbish you have to dispose of. As a guide, our 2 cubic metre “mini skip” will hold around 35-40 average sized filled black garbage bags.

Often, customers choose a bin which is too big for their needs – paying too much for their service. By thinking carefully about how much waste you have to remove, you can select an appropriate Skip capacity (or combination of Skips) so you pay only for what you really do need to remove.

Our biggest tip for making the most of your bin? Fill hollow items such as washing machines, filing cabinets or tall-boys with other waste. This will maximise your use of the Skip’s capacity, and enable you to fit more in!

When do I need my bin, and when do I need it to be removed?

We can deliver a Skip bin 7 days a week for maximum convenience for you! We don’t lock you in to any set times or contracts (so you only pay for the time you need your bin) but to get the most value from your Skip, it’s cheaper to let us know exactly when you need it to be delivered, and exactly when we should come and remove it.

Think realistically about your time availability and commitments. Many clients have their bins delivered on a Friday for use over the weekend – and have it removed on a Monday; but this is by no means the rule!

Most customers have their Skips around 3-4 days at a maximum; but if something comes up and you need your bin longer, we can be flexible about that too. Alternatively – if you fill up your bin quickly and need to get rid of it sooner, just give us a call and we’ll come and get it, and supply you with a new, empty bin if you need it.

Security – your responsibility

Most councils pose limitations around use of the nature strip or road-side, and may require a permit if you need to use this space for your skip. Skip bins placed on public streets, footpaths or near nature parks will in most cases require specific permits. Skip bins placed on private property is generally acceptable in most areas (being local operators, your Skip bin professional should be able to provide you with some advice around what to expect from your council).

It’s your responsibility to ensure your bin is secured and loaded up safely (not overloaded or filled above the rim); if not, it may pose a hazard on the road and we may decline to collect it until the Skip can be re-packed safely.

Bin Rules – a couple of things to consider

No Food waste, asbestos, hazardous waste (chemicalsetc), insulation material of any kind, liquids (paints, oils etc), gas bottles, empty chemical containers can go in any bin regardless of the waste bin type.

When stacking your bin, make sure you place soft or lightweight objects on the bottom; and ensure the bin is not over-filled. Extra fees may apply if the bin is filled beyond capacity.

If you need to dispose of metal or steel, or car batteries, these can go in to the appropriate bin but must be placed on top.

For any mattresses or tyres which must be disposed of, these should go beside the bin and will be removed and disposed of separately for a small fee.